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Listing Of Service Outlets in Quebec

CBL (Div. Moteurs Electriques Laval) - Jonquiere, PQ
CBL (Div.Moteurs Electriques Laval)
2050 rue Deschenes
Jonquiere, PQ
G7S 4K6
Phone: 418-548-3134
Fax: 418-548-5206
Service Shop - CBL (Div. Moteurs Electriques Laval) located in Jonquiere, PQ

Delstar - Montreal, PQ
13085, rue Jean Grou
Montreal, PQ
H1A 3N6
Phone: (514) 642-8220
Fax: (514) 642-8095
Service Shop - Delstar located in Montreal, PQ

Franklin Empire, QC
Franklin Empire
215 Fortin
Quebec, Quebec
G1M 3M2
Tél.: (418) 683-1725
Téléc.: (418) 683-1726
Sans frais: 1-888-683-1724

Service Shop - Franklin Empire located in Quebec, QC

Moteurs Électriques Gosselin - Sherbrooke, QC
Moteurs Électriques Gosselin
1100, Rue Claire-jolicoeur
Sherbrooke, QC
J1H 6L1
Tél.: (819) 822-4700
Téléc.: (819) 822-4369
Sans frais: 1-888-822-4700
Service Shop - Moteurs Électriques Gosselin located in Sherbrooke, QC

H.Roberge - Québec City, PQ
1505, Des Tanneurs
Québec City, PQ
G1N 4S7
Phone: (418) 687-1100
Fax: (418) 687-0516
Service Shop - H.Roberge located in Quebec, PQ

Moteurs Électriques Laval - St. Laurent, PQ
Moteurs Electriques Laval
550 Montee de Liesse
St. Laurent, PQ
H4T 1N8
Phone: (514) 731-3737
Fax: (514) 731-6136
Service Shop - Laval Electric located in St. Laurent, PQ

M Electrique (Div. Moteurs Electriques Laval) - Trois-Rivieres, PQ
M Electrique (Div. Moteurs Electriques Laval)
1330 Rue Cartier
Trois-Rivieres, PQ
G8Z 1L8
Phone: 819-374-4687
Fax: 819-374-3940
Service Shop - M Electrique (Div. Moteurs Electriques Laval) located in Trois-Rivieres, PQ

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